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You’ve recognized that you have an addiction and you know you need help. Looking over all the treatment options, you conclude that an intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is the one that suits your situation the most. But, since you need to continue working to pay the bills, you might be leery of the whole treatment process. It leaves you wondering whether an IOP program in Florida is possible if your work schedule varies.

The short answer is yes, it is possible. How it can help you, no matter what your work schedule is, takes a bit longer to explain. Here, we’ll quickly go over how an IOP works, how it can work around your schedule, and what to expect from your treatment program.

How does an IOP program work?

An intensive outpatient program falls between inpatient treatment and outpatient rehab. You don’t have a lengthy stay at a facility, but you will have a lot of the same intense therapy sessions common with an inpatient plan. Meetings, therapies, and life-skills training occur during your off-work times. You continue with your normal everyday responsibilities, attending rehab during the morning, afternoons, or evenings. Then you go back home to your regular life and your family responsibilities.

IOP programs focus a lot on therapy sessions, both individual and groups. The key takeaway is to learn what your addiction triggers are and how you can better respond to them, so you don’t fall back into the addictive state that got you into trouble to start with. Other services that many centers offer include:

Job seeking training

Crisis management

Behavioral modification treatment

How does an IOP program work with a varied work schedule?

As stated previously, IOP programs take place during the times you don’t work. Rehab centers know that not all places of employment have regular work schedules, so they usually offer some flexibility with scheduling your treatment services. Retail employment hours can differ widely, but there are still ways to work around them. Be sure the center you sign up for knows how your work times change from day to day. Centers will often encourage you to attend meetings and sessions before work or in the afternoon and evenings when you get off. When your schedule jumps around from a one-time frame to another, it can make attending your program a little difficult, but certainly not impossible.

ith retail employment, there are usually weekend shifts to fill. When you’re scheduled during those times, you typically have a couple of days off during the week. Those would be perfect days to schedule your rehab because you can fit your sessions in the morning and have the rest of the day to yourself. Or, you may have the afternoon to do whatever you want and go back to the clinic for group therapy in the evening. Most rehab clinics will work with you to ensure you have the best chance of beating your addiction without losing your job in the process.

What can I expect with an IOP program when my work schedule varies?

Your IOP program will make your life a bit busier than normal, but it’s worth it to get rid of your life-controlling addiction. During the week, you will have to attend individual and group therapy sessions, meetings, training, and workshops, depending on what’s prescribed for your particular needs. Typically, centers try to schedule 6-20 hours a week for your treatment plan. If you have a varied work schedule, that has you working mornings one day, and evenings the next, you will need to share that with the center, so they can schedule your rehab treatments as soon as possible.

Intensive outpatient programs usually block off a 3-4 hour session 3-5 days a week to make sure you’re receiving every treatment plan prescribed to you. If necessary, some centers could break them up into two different chunks in the day, but that’s usually on an as-needed basis. Each IOP center is different in how they run, so some may allow weekend hours to fit in your treatment plan. Be sure to ask the facility when you call to sign up.