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When you enter Tarzana Drug Outpatient Treatment, you are greeted by a friendly receptionist who immediately notifies the Admissions staff of your arrival. You are then escorted to a comfortable office where any questions or concerns are addressed. Admissions Counselors make every effort to assist you in making the decision to get treatment, which is most likely the right decision.

Upon admission, an individual interview will be conducted to determine your treatment needs and develop a treatment plan. The interview takes about 1 ½ to 2 hours and focuses on specific areas of your life. It is very important that you are open and honest to ensure the development of an effective treatment plan.

You will also agree to a weekly schedule of treatment services. We will do our best to accommodate your group schedule around your personal and work schedule. It is best to keep this schedule throughout treatment, but we will work with you if changes need to be made. Above all, we feel that treatment should be your top priority at this time.

A treatment plan is your roadmap to recovery. It is your agreement with Tarzana Drug Outpatient Treatment that you will follow the plan, and we will implement it. Your success in treatment depends on how well you follow your treatment plan, and your primary counselor will be there to guide you.


The orientation group has two purposes. First, of course, you will be oriented to the program and given a tour of the facility. Second, you will meet other patients entering outpatient treatment with you. At Tarzana Drug Outpatient Treatment, we aim to make you feel at home. So the orientation allows you to feel like a part of a group in familiar surroundings. Feel free to ask any questions at this time because there is at least one other member of the group wondering about the same thing.

You will also discuss your treatment plan and other issues in process groups with your peers, and they will share theirs with you. The group process will help you see that you are not alone. The group, including you, becomes a resource unto itself via shared experiences and shared strength. A counselor is always present as a facilitator, offering guidance to the process. If you feel nervous about entering your first group, you are not alone. Like the great majority of other patients, you will settle in very quickly.

It has been shown that family involvement is a great enhancement to treatment. Therefore, your family’s participation is expected. Multi-family groups and family education will be offered to members that you approve, and they may be included in counseling sessions. Multi-family groups are process groups where patients and their families share issues and work through them together. Family education teaches family members about addiction and their roles in the process of recovery.

In family-oriented groups, you and your family will find it easier to discuss issues related to addiction. Often, patients are surprised that they enjoy family groups more than any other and the potential for improved family relationships is great.

12 Step Meetings

Tarzana Drug Outpatient Treatment will introduce or re-introduce, you to the various 12 Step programs available. As a part of your treatment, you will attend meetings in your area and show proof of attendance in your groups. This will start you on a healthy routine for long-term recovery, and teach you that meetings can easily fit into your schedule. You will meet new friends and discover that alcoholism and addiction afflict all types of people.